Why do I own so Many Copies of Super Meat Boy


So, what’s the idea of today?

I shouldn’t like Super Meat Boy its designed to be hard as nails and frustrating. I don’t like games that are hard and frustrating so why do I own five copies of it? That’s more duplicate copies than any other game I own multiple copies of. For example, I own three copies of Metro 2033 and I’ve completed it six times. Yet I own five copies of Super Meat Boy and I haven’t even completed the game once. Why am I compelled to buy this game again and again?

Is it a classic case of gamers contradiction?

I have my gamer contradictions for sure. Like I claim to not like open worlds or horses yet The Witcher 3, Shadow of Colossus and Twilight Princes HD are three of my favorite games. I’m quite self-aware when it comes to that stuff so I don’t think it is that.


Is it because you think the money is just going to two cool dudes rather than a corporation?

I’ve watched Indie Game the movie and life after. Yeah, I liked Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen for sure. I like to think if I met them in a pub and brought  them a pint or five we’d really get on really well (that wouldn’t happen of cause I’d go all giddy and embarrassed and just look at the floor or something. But in my head after five pints we’re like hobbits singing and dancing on the table). Look, like I said, I like the guys I wish them success they’re clearly talented so if they have benefited from my multiple purchases then great I’m happy about that.


Is it because it’s simply a great game? It’s a great game but there are loads of great games I don’t five copies of.


Tell me about Super Meat Boy?

Super Meat Boy is a 2D platform game about a boy without skin he’s losing blood because the only person who can save him is his girlfriend bandage girl but she has been kidnapped by the evil Dr Fetus and you have to rescue her so she can rescue you. I have no idea why but that story kind of gets me I have never cried at movies or TV and I’m not an emotional person at all but there is something really touching about it.


A boy without skin bleeding to death? It’s a real charmer!

Its presented in a really cool cartoon art style. From the title screen to the cut scenes the art is very good in this game. Its beauty is in its simplicity and its use of bold colours like a bright red title screen. This carries through the overworld menu which has a Mario 3 vibe but with a same clean simplistic art style not overly cluttered like Mario 3. Meat boy kind of has the same walk animation though it wears its 8 bit influences on its sleeve for sure. The levels have a duller colour pallet meat boy is just a square it has an 8-bit vibe to it. When Meat Boy touches a surface he leaves a blood trail and when you die your previous blood trails remain there for subsequent tries so if you die a lot and you will you can paint the level red. You can also use them as a guide to where to jump it’s a very clever feature. Its a platformer that features both fast and slow sections. The level design is incredible/incredibly mean it’s good but the levels get pretty hard. It builds up nicely though its paced really well I always hit my skill ceiling at around world four when the salt comes out.  It’s tough if you play it you’re going to die a lot but the soundtrack is upbeat and never gets annoying in a way it helps balance out the frustration of dying so much through its happy melody.


It’s a platform game right how does it control?

Insanley well it has your basic run, jump of an 8 bit platformer but then things get interesting and far from 8-bit you can slide up and down walls to help navigate the levels and the run button has separate physics applied to it so it alters your angles, distance and speed in the air. Which always messes me up because I like to hold the run button down when I play Super Mario World.

Super Meat Boy


You meant Super Meat Boy.

No wait I didn’t, that’s it isn’t it.

That’s what?

That’s why I own five copies.

I don’t follow.

Dude Super Mario World it reminds me of Super Mario World. Not in the presentation but in the way it makes me feel and the perfect controls Super Meat Boy is the only game I’ve ever played that’s come close to Super Mario World. Not even Nintendo have ever come close to repeating the perfect controls of Super Mario World.


So why is that so important to you?

My school years were tough, I had a rough time. I’m mean not warzone tough but you know 1st world tough. Anyway, everyday I’d get home from school wipe my 96 level save on Super Mario World and complete all 96 levels before dinner and it made me feel a little better about being me it’s a game that means so much to me. It got me through my difficult teens.
And Super Meat Boy provides you with a similar feel to your old comfort blanket and that’s why you keep buying it. Well that’s that one solved. Let’s a GO!

You’re a dick!



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